Prayer Services

Prayer Services / Reflections

To aid school communities in prayerful reflection, a collection of short meditations on a range of themes has been developed.  While principally intended for use with staff (e.g. at the beginning of staff meetings, Inset Days etc), these can be modified and adapted to suit the needs of the school community.  A range of musical suggestions is also included to help create and support a prayerful and reflective environment.

It is intended to continue to develop these resources.  To this end, if you have any feedback or suggested themes or areas for development of prayer reflections please let us know.

You can contact Joan Agnew in the office at:


Courage! It is I! Do not be afraid – Reflection – Prayer Service (Word Document)

Knock and the Door will be Opened – Reflection – Prayer Service (Word Document)

Lord I have Time – Reflection – Prayer Service (Word Document)

Mercy – The Prodigal Son – Reflection – Prayer Service (Word Document)

Our Journey with Jesus – Reflection – Prayer Service (Word Document)

St Joseph – Reflection-Prayer Service (Word Document)

The Praying Hands – Reflection-Prayer Service (Word Document)

The Road to Emmaus – Reflection-Prayer Service (Word Document)

The Woman at the Well Reflection-Prayer Service (Word Document)

Service Reflection-Prayer Service (Word Document)

Quiet Time Prayer Service (PowerPoint Presentation)

Reflection on Mission (PowerPoint Presentation)

Our Call Today Reflection-Prayer Service (Word Document)

Return to school Prayer Service (PowerPoint Presentation)