'Safeguarding for All'

The ongoing work of Safeguarding in the Diocese of Down and Connor echoes the fruit of hours of discussion, vibrant debate and careful planning on the part of countless women, men, religious and clergy each bringing their individual experience and competence to this most vital area of practice.

Much has been achieved across the diocese, particularly in having so many dedicated people providing exemplary support across parishes...the challenge is to continue to provide outreach to the victims of abuse and their families.

I pay tribute to all those parents, parishioners, and individuals who volunteer so much of their time to enable our safeguarding structures, parishes, vicariates and church organisations to respond to the demands and challenges of safeguarding and the protection of vulnerable adults.

I pray that we will all further strengthen our personal and collaborative efforts in this vital work so that together we may continue to build a culture of care for our children and vigilance for those most vulnerable.

+ Noel Treanor
Bishop of Down and Connor

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Diocesan Safeguarding Office
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Tel: (028) 9049 2798
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