Diocesan Pastoral Plan

The Diocesan Pastoral Plan was launched at our inaugural Diocesan Congress in September 2013.

The plan was developed in response to the listening events and took as its initial guidance the 5 areas that were identified as current areas for priority.  Over the course of a year working groups made up of laity, Religious and clergy met together to formulate the plan.  The plan was then further refined by the chairs of thee groups working alongside the Living Church team and our Bishops.

The plan is a guide for the coming years within the diocese and it is our firm hope that it is robust enough to ensure that solid changes are made and that it also allows us flexibility to ensure that we respond to new pastoral needs that will arise.

Diocesan Pastoral Plan – click to download.

A summary of our Diocesan Plan outlining our next steps is also available to download – Summary Diocesan Pastoral Plan