Our Vision

Living Church seeks to release the energy of the Spirit at work within each and every one of us and listen to what the Spirit is saying to us. In this way, we will not create a Living Church but reveal it.

We will do so by modelling a partnership which respects the abilities of all who are baptised to be Priest, Prophet and King.

Co-responsibility is our rallying cry and will inform all of our work. In this way we will accompany parishes, groups, individuals, clergy, laity and religious on the sometimes frustrating road towards building the Kingdom.

We will seek to provide processes, experiences and connections that will enable all to make the decisions that are right for them.

This will, at times, take the form of provision of training and answers to questions. However, it will more often take the form of helping the People of God to ask the right questions of themselves and each other and listen to the answers that God provides to all who prayerfully discern His will.