God’s Chosen People Congress Hymn

IMG_8783Our Congress Hymn was written by Mr Brendan Dowd and is based on Colossians 3.  The hymn was used to open and end our Congress Prayer. 


May we live as God’s chosen people, clothed in kindness, mercy and compassion.

May we live as God’s chosen people bound together to live in love

1.  Let the peace of Christ rule in our hearts,

called as we are to make peace in love,

let the word of Christ dwell richly in us

all the days of our lives.

And when we walk in the way prepared for us,

a newly created people of God,

we will put on the clothing of Christ

and then rise with Jesus in love.  CHORUS

2. Since we are called into new life with Christ,

let us reveal the glory within.

Gifted and loved for the good of the world,

we raise our voices and sing.

And when we sing, let us sing with grateful hearts,

And let us do everything in His name,

The God who calls us to liberty

Is the same today and forever.  CHORUS


photo (3)The Down and Connor Folk Group have been developing faith through music ministry in the Diocese since 1983. They seek to provide parish groups with music that in the main addresses the requirements of the Church’s liturgical year.

Their music ministry culminates in an annual “Folk Weekend” which is an intensive and accessible series of music workshops and faith development input with over 150 other church musicians and singers. Teaching new music to parish Folk Groups enables them to bring back to their own churches new and exciting pieces enhancing their celebrations.

With a view to the future of music ministry they have worked closely this year with Living Youth in leading 3 day seminars across the Diocese attended by more than 100 children and young people.