Facilitation as a model of leadership, as a way of resolving conflict, as a process of decision-making has many benefits and has a strong biblical connection. We may see Jesus Christ as the ultimate master of facilitation. He skilfully answers questions with question designed to allow those He met to connect to the answers within (Mt 22:19 for example). In fact it is said that Jesus only directly answers 3 of the 183 questions directly asked of him in the New Testament. He more often asks questions in return (as above), stays silent (as with Pilate) or gives and illustration (as with the parable of the Good Samaritan, Lk 10:30).

Just as we, as followers of Christ are called to be like Him, in Living Church we believe that the development of a strong ethos of facilitation allows us to follow Him. Facilitation has at its heart a desire to recognize and release the energy of any group.  As Christians, we acknowledge that the energy and potential of any group is the Holy Spirit at work within us. By releasing the energy of the Holy Spirit within ourselves, our Parishes and our Diocese we believe we may continue to renew the Church.

The Living Church will provide skilled facilitators to go out in the Diocese and work with Vicariate, Pastoral Area and Parish groups in order to help them progress the core themes of the Living Church Report. We will provide a pro-active outreach programme of facilitated events across the Diocese. You can keep up to date with events that are upcoming on our Calendar page.

We are also open to requests to provide facilitation on specific areas or issues. If you have a request for facilitation, please contact Jim Deeds our Training and Facilitation Officer on 02890690920 or email jim@livingchurchdc.org