exhibitors  At the Congress we were joined by 41 exhibitors and we could have had more.  The exhibitors were a clear witness to the vibrancy of lkife that does exist across the diocese and in the Irish Church.

There was ample opportunity for people to become aware of new organisations and to think about how some of the organisations present could give new life into parish communities.

It is through the support of organisations that ‘we can decide to intensify our efforts to take pride in our Christian Faith which inspires our lives, our relationships, our family life and our work.  This is a moment for us to commit to our future as persons and as communities.  On the threshold of that future, as Christians, we have no right to be cynical, passive or dismissive; the gospel of Christ is a summons to creative and hope-filled actions.”

Bishop Noel Treanor, Foreword to the Diocesan Congress