Churches Open for Public Worship

Following the decision taken by the NI Executive to allow places of worship to re-open from Monday 29th June for public worship with social distancing measures in place (26th May 2020), the Diocese of Down and Connor has facilitated the re-opening of the following churches for public worship.

Churches may reopen following:

A Full Risk Assessment

Implementation of the Diocesan Guidelines for Re-opening Churches for public worship, outlining specific measures to be put in place in accordance with public health guidance and best practice

Each Church will open only when it is safe to do so and this may vary from place to place.

Personal Responsibility

All visitors to churches must strictly observe the social distancing regulations and good hygienic practices outlined at Church entrances.

Anyone who is unwell or exhibits symptoms of Covid-19 should stay remain at home. Those who are at increased risk from the virus, and/or have been advised to shield themselves, should also remain at home.

Attendance will be strictly limited to the reduced capacity of each Church as determined by social distancing requirement (2m) and will be notified in the entrance of each Church.

The following churches have opened for public worship:

ChurchParishTimes of Masses
St Peter’s CathedralSt Peter’s, BelfastMon-Sat: 10am, Sat: 5.30pm, Sun: 9am & 11am
St Nicholas’CarrickfergusSunday 9.30am in Whitehead and 11.30am in Carrickfergus, with a third Mass being recorded privately every week for those who continue to shield.
Christ the RedeemerChrist the Redeemer, BelfastMon: 10am, Fri: 6.30pm, Sun: 11am.
Church of the AnnunciationCorpus Christi, BelfastMon, Wed, Fri: 10am, Tue, Thu: 7.30pm, Sat: 6pm, Sun: 10am & 12noon (Confessions Sat: 12noon-1pm)
St Colman’sDerriaghySun: 12noon
Immaculate Heart of MaryDrumbo & CarryduffMon, Wed, Fri: 9.30am, Sat: 6pm, Sun 10.30am.
St Joseph’s, HannahstownHannahstownMon, Wed, Fri: 9.15am, Sat: 6pm, Sun: 11.30am.
St Peter’s, The RockHannahstownTue, Thu: 9.15am, Sun: 10am.
Holy FamilyHoly Family, BelfastSat: 6.30pm, Sun: 11.30am.
St ThérèseHoly Family, BelfastSat: 6pm, Sun: 10 am.
Good ShepherdHoly Rosary, BelfastThu, Fri, Sat: 10am, Sun: 9am, 10.30am, 12.30pm
Holy TrinityHoly Trinity, BelfastMon, Tue, Thu, Fri: 10am, Sat: 6.30pm, Sun 11am
Church of the NativityNativity, BelfastSun: 10.30am
Our Lady, Queen of PeaceOur Lady, Queen of PeaceSun: 10.30am
St Agnes’St Agnes’, BelfastMon, Wed, Thu, Fri: 10am, Sat: 1pm, 6pm, Sun: 9.30am, 12.30pm.
St Anne’sSt Anne’s, BelfastTue, Wed, Thu: 10am, Sat: 5pm, Sun: 11am.
St Anthony’s, WillowfieldSt Anthony’s, BelfastThurs: 9.30am (Eng), 7:30pm (Polish), Fri: 7pm.
Sat: 6.30pm (Eng), Sun: 9am (Pol) 11:30am (Eng), 7pm (Pol), Tue, Thur: 9.30am (Eng), 7.30pm (Pol), Fri: 7pm (Eng).
St Bernadette’sSt Bernadette’s, BelfastMon, Tue, Wed: 9.30am, Sat: 6pm, Sun: 11am.
St Brigid’s ChurchSt Brigid’s, BelfastMon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri: 9.30am, Sat: 6pm, Sun: 9.30am.
St Colmcille’sSt Colmcille’s, BelfastMon-Fri: 9.30am, Sat: 6.30pm, Sun: 9.30am & 11.30am.
St John’sSt John’s, BelfastMon, Wed, Fri: 12noon, Tue: 6pm, Sat: 6pm, Sun: 10am, 12noon.
St Luke’s, TwinbrookSt Luke’s, BelfastSun: 10am.
St Malachy’sSt Malachy’s, BelfastTue, Thu: 1pm, Sat: 6pm, Sun: 10.30am.
(Mass on Mon & Fri at 6pm by webcam only)
St Mary’s, Chapel LaneSt Mary’s, BelfastMon-Sat: 9am, Sun: 10am, 11.30am.
St Mary’s on the HillGlengormleyMon-Sat: 10am, Sat: 6pm, Sun: 9am, 11am, 12.30pm.
St Matthew’sSt Matthew’s, BelfastMon: 10am, Wed: 7.30pm, Thu, Fri: 10am, Sat: 7pm, Sun: 12noon.
St Michael the ArchangelSt Michael’s, BelfastTue-Fri: 10am, Wed: 7.30pm, Sat: 5pm, Sun: 11am & 6pm.
St Patrick’sSt Patrick’s, BelfastTue, Thu: 10am, Sun: 9am, 11am.
(Mass on Facebook Mon-Sun: 7pm)
St Paul’sSt Paul’s, BelfastMon-Fri: 10am, 1pm, Mon: 6.55pm, Sat: 6.30pm, Sun: 10am, 12noon.
St Teresa’sSt Teresa’s, BelfastMon-Fri: 10am, Sun: 12noon
St Matthias’St Teresa’s, BelfastSun: 10am
Holy SpiritSt Teresa’s, BelfastSat: 5pm
St Vincent de PaulSt Vincent de Paul, BelfastMon, Tue: 10am, Wed: 7.30pm, Thu: 10am, Sat: 6.30pm, Sun: 11am.
St Mary’s, Star of the SeaWhitehouseMon, Wed, Fri: 10am, Tue: 7pm, Sat: 5.30pm, Sun: 11.30am.
St Patrick’s, AghagallonAghagallon & BallinderryMon, Wed, Fri: 10am, Tue, Thu: 7pm, Sat: 7pm, Sun: 9am, 11am. (First Friday 7pm)
St Mary’sAhoghillFri: 7.30pm, Sun: 10am.
St Comgall’sAntrimMon, Wed, Fri: 10am, Sun: 10am
St Joseph’sAntrimTue, Thu: 10am, Fri: 7pm, Sat: 5.30pm, Sun: 12noon.
St Patrick’s and St Brigid’sBallycastleMon-Sun: 10am, Sat: 6.30pm.
Holy Family, BallygowanBallyclare & BallygowanSun: 9.30am
Sacred Heart, BallyclareBallyclare & BallygowanSun: 11am
All Saints’BallymenaMon-Sat: 10am, Fri: 7.30pm, Sat: 6pm, Sun: 8.30am, 10am, 12.30pm.
Our Lady & St Patrick’sBallymoneyMon 10am, Fri 7pm, Sat 6pm, Sun 10am & 5pm. (Confessions Fri 5.30-6.30pm) – Starting Friday 3rd July
St Comgall’sBangorWed: 10am, Sat: 6.30pm, Sun: 10am.
St John the EvangelistCarnloughMon, Fri: 10am, Sat: 5pm & 7pm, Sun: 9am & 11am
St Malachy’sCastlewellanMon-Fri: 9.30am, Sun:11am
Immaculate Conception & St JosephCrossgarTue, Wed, Fri: 9.30am, Sun: 9.30am & 11.30am.
Holy Family, TeconnaughtCrossgarThu: 9.30am, Sat: 7pm.
St Mary’sCushendallMon-Fri: 10am
St Patrick’sCushendunMon-Fri: 9.30am.
St Patrick’sDownpatrickMon-Fri: 9.30am, Mon: 7.30pm, Sat: 10am & 5.30pm, Sun: 12noon.
St John the BaptistDrumaroadWed: 7.30pm, Sat: 7.30pm
St Mary of the Angels, ClanvaraghanDrumaroadMon: 7.30pm, Sun: 10am.
St Joseph’s, DunloyDunloy & Cloughmill’sTue: 7.30pm, Thu: 10am, Sat: 6pm, Sun 10.30am
Sacred Heart, Cloughmill’sDunloy & Cloughmill’sWed: 10am, Fri: 7.30pm, Sun 9am.
St Nicholas’, ArdglassDunsford & ArdglassMon, Wed, (First Fri): 10am, Sat: 6.30pm, Sun: 11.30am.
St Mary’s, DunsfordDunsford & ArdglassTue, Thu: 10am, Sun: 10am
Immaculate ConceptionGlenarmWed: 7.30pm
St Colmcille’sHolywoodMon: 7pm, Tue-Thu: 9.30am, Fri: 7pm, Sat: 6.30pm, Sun: 10am, 12noon.
St Malachy’sKilcooWed: 9.30am, Fri: 7.30pm, Sat: 6.30pm
St Mary Star of the SeaKillyleaghMon: 9.30am, Sat: 5pm.
St Joseph’sKircubbin (Ardkeen)Wed, Sun: 10am
St MacNissi’sLarneMon, Fri: 10am, Wed: 7.30pm, Sun: 10am
St Anthony’sLarneTue: 7.30pm, Thu: 10am.
St Patrick’sLisburnMon-Sat: 10am
St Patrick’sLoughguileMon, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat: 9.30am, Wed, Sat: 7.30pm, Sun: 11.30am.
St MacNissi’sLoughguileTue: 9.30am, Fri: 7.30pm, Sun: 9.30am
St Macartan’sLoughinislandMon, Tue: 7.30pm, Wed: 10am, Thu: 7.30pm, Fri: 10am, Sat: 6.30pm, Sun: 8.30am & 11am
Our Lady of the AssumptionNewcastleMon, Tue, Thu, Fri: 10am, Sat: 6pm, Sun: 9am & 11.30am.
Parochial HallNewtownardsMon, Wed, Fri: 9.30am. Sat: 6.30pm
St Patrick’sPortaferryMon, Wed: 7.30pm, Fri, Sat: 9.30am, Sat: 6.30pm, Sun: 11am.
Blessed Virgin Mary ImmaculatePortglenoneMon, Tue, Wed: 9.30am, Fri: 7pm, Sat: 6pm, Sun: 11am.
St Mary’s Star of the SeaPortstewartMon: 9.30am, Tue: 7pm, Wed-Sat: 9.30am, Sat: 5pm, Sun: 10am, 7pm.
St MacNissiRandalstownTue: 7pm, Wed-Fri: 9.30am, Sat: 6pm, Sun: 10am.
St Mary’sRasharkinSun: 9am, 11am
Mary, Mother of the ChurchSaintfieldMon, Wed, Fri: 7.30pm, Sat: 6.30pm, Sun: 9am & 11am.
St Patrick’sSaul & BalleeMon-Wed: 10am, Fri: 7pm, Sat: 10am.
St Colman’sUpper Mourne (Kilkeel)Mon: 9.30am, Tue: 7.30pm, Wed: 9.30am, 7.30pm, Thu: 9.30am, Fri: 9.30am, Sat: 10am & 7pm, Sun: 9am & 11.30am.
Immaculate HeartInstitute of Christ the King, Sovereign PriestMon, Tue: 7pm, Wed: 8am, Thu, Fri: 7pm, Sat: 11am, Sun: 8am & 11am