Prayer Resources at Home: Loyola Press

Continuing the Connection

Message from Loyola Press

During these trying times, we need a sense of connection more than ever—connection with each other and connection with God in prayer. So I wanted to take a moment to let you know that Loyola Press cares, and that our team members stand ready to assist you in your quest for remaining calm and strong and maintaining loving, faith-filled relationships with others and with our God.

We are a ministry. We provide exemplary resources for religious education and facilitate transformative experiences of God for children and adults alike, so it is important that we continue our mission without interruption. Because the health and safety of our team are paramount, we proactively moved to a remote work environment the second week of March.

Loyola Press is fully operational. We are in constant communication with our printers and fulfillment/shipping center, and today they remain up-and-running. If printing or shipping is halted, we’re happy to report that Loyola Press has myriad digital and online resources that you can use to find peace and calm, to continue nurturing your faith and prayer life, and to educate children within your care. Here are a few ideas:

  • Covid-19 Video-based Lesson: Access this lesson to help children know how to care for themselves and others to help prevent the spread of coronavirus. Just click on the video screen in the Lesson Plan to play a video that provides a gentle and lighthearted reminder of the hygiene practices that help us stay healthy.
  • Prayer: Praying helps us find solace during stressful times. Loyola Press offers a number of free prayer resources on our website. You can find these resources here.
  • At-Home Activities: Click here for family at-home activities and downloadables.

I close this letter with a prayer for you written by our own Father Bohr, SJ, Loyola Press’s Director of Mission and Identity:

Dear God, you made us creative and clever. Please, bless us, everyone in our world, with all the wit and grace and smarts to meet this pandemic and contain it. Help us to be the full, capable, generous human beings you made us to be. As always, we ask in the name of Jesus the Lord. Amen.


Joellyn Cicciarelli