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Christmas and New Year is often a time when we are reminded of our deeper selves and deepest hopes, and deepest pain. The vision of Towards Peace is to provide a safe supportive space for people who have been affected by abuse in a Church context, and who are seeking to explore the spiritual impact of the abuse. If you have been abused and would like a space to reflect on the impact of the trauma of abuse on your own relationship with God and spirituality, Towards Peace is here for you: /01 505 3028.    Please take a look at our youtube video.

Note : Towards Peace provides Spiritual support for survivors of abuse by Catholic Church personnel in Ireland.

Their vision is to provide a safe supportive place where people who have been affected by abuse in a Church context can be accompanied as they seek their own spiritual peace.

The Feast of Christmas is a time when we mark and celebrate the birth of Jesus. It is a time of hope , it is also a time when we reflect.

Towards Peace have asked the Diocese at this special time of year to again advertise and promote their services for survivors of abuse.

Contact can be made directly to Towards Peace at  00353 1 505 3028  or through the Diocesan Safeguarding Office at 02890492798


Philip O Hara

Designated Liaison Person

Diocese of Down and Connor Safeguarding Office



  Towards Peace

(Spiritual Support Service)

Towards Peace is a new service which offers spiritual support to Survivors of abuse by Church personnel. The service is aimed at those individuals whose faith has been damaged by the abuse and who wish to continue their search for meaning and for God.

Each person travels his/her own spiritual journey at a different pace.

By contacting Towards Peace the coordinator will help the individual to talk through their hopes and desire for inner peace. Once explained, the individual will hopefully be in a better position to best decide if it suits their needs.

The individual will have the opportunity to talk to a trained spiritual companion. Up to nine sessions can be made available at no cost to the individual.

To make contact with this service please click on the following link:

Towards Peace Website

or email to the coordinator Sister Mary Whyte at:

or Telephone 00353 (0) 1 5053028