Diocese of Down and Connor

Safeguarding Policies and Procedures 

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Cover - Review of Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults Strategy May 2014 Review of Diocesan Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults Strategy
sva_leaflet April 2013 Summary Guide to the new Diocesan Policy and Procedures in Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults
safeguarding2 Dec 2012 Diocesan Policy and Procedures for Clergy, Staff and Volunteers (To be Updated)
safeguarding1 Oct 2012 Diocesan Strategy for Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults
Jan 2012 Addendum 1: Whistleblowing Policy and Procedures
Jan 2012 Addendum 2: Guidance for Diocesan clergy, staff and volunteers in relation to Photographs and Images of children and young people.
Jan 2012 Addendum 3: Guidance on Using Social Networking Services and Social Media: Promoting Safe and Responsible Use.
Jan 2012 Addendum 4: Guidance for text and email messaging
NBSCCCI 2009 Safeguarding Children – Standards and Guidance Document for the Catholic Church in Ireland (NBSCCCI)

June 2008 Diocese of Down and Connor Child Protection Policy and Procedures: Best Practice in Safeguarding Children and Young People (To be Updated)