Parish Safeguarding Committees (PSCs)

From September 2012, the name Child Care Committee (CCC) changed to Parish Safeguarding Committee (PSC). This name best represents the broader remit of committees in safeguarding both children and, vulnerable adults, within parishes.

All Parsih Safeguarding Committee (PSC) members must attend three training Modules to complete the requirements of training for a PSC member:

Module one -The Role and Function of a Parish Safeguarding Committee

Module Two – Best Practice in the Recruitment and Selection Of Parish Staff and Volunteers,  and

Module Three – Attendance at a Parish Information Session and attendance at a Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults Information Session (for details of the content of Module Three see under Child / Adult / Training for Parish Groups and volunteers).

Modules One and Two are delivered by the Safeguarding Office Trainer and Module Three is delivered by the VST facilitators.

PSC members may also attend the Recording Information Workshop

(All 3 documents are outlined below. To access the content of each progamme, click on each image).

Diocese of Down and Connor

Safeguarding Training and Development

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role 2015 Document title:
The Role and Function of a Parish Safeguarding Committee: Module One
(Link updated on 29 May 2015)
2014 Document title:
Best Practice in the Recruitment and Selection of Parish Staff and Volunteers: Module Two
rec 2011 Document title:
Recording Information Workshop