Diocesan Youth Workers and Youth Ministries

At the request of the Diocese, the Safeguarding Office undertook a project of work in partnership with Youthcom (March 2010 to January 2011) to explore the safeguarding children training needs of the Youth Ministries in the Diocese of Down and Connor. The work commenced with Full time Youth Centres across the Diocese affiliated to Youthcom and, following a range of consultation meetings, the Safeguarding Office submitted a proposal to Youthcom management outlining a: phased approach to the development of new training resources, the arrangements for the piloting of these, and the time frame for completing a series of Training for Trainers in the new materials.

The Safeguarding Office also identified the need for on-going support for the training of staff and volunteers and provided some options for taking this forward.

One of the outcomes of the partnership working arrangements was to agree and produce a set of standardised training materials in relation to safeguarding children and young people, which all Full time youth centres and youth ministries would sign up to.

Parallel to this process, Youthcom was being independently audited and this concluded at the end of 2010.

The documents below outline four new training programmes designed for Diocesan Youth Centre staff and volunteers, other Youth Ministry groups and Youth Centre Management Committees.

The work plan was put on hold (July 2011)pending the Audit and re structuring of Youth com.

In May 2012, a new Youth Commission was established and one of their key objectives was to ensure that the safeguarding work was put firmly back on track and completed, as planned. A Memorandum of Cooperation was agreed between Bishop Treanor, the new Director for the Youth Commission and the Director for the Safeguarding Office. The joint plan of work consisted of 3 phases as follows:

Phase 1: The development of new Safeguarding policies specifically to meet the needs of Full time Youth Centres (see copies of each policy below) (July to September 2012)

Phase 2: The development of training materials to support the implementation of policies and to train professional youth workers in the delivery of the new training packs across all full time youth centres. (see details of the programme outlines below) (November 2012 to January 2013)

Phase 3: The implementation of policies and development of a training plan (March to June 2013)

During the period July 2012 and January 2013, the Safeguarding Office (Jim Tracey) undertook and completed Phases 1 and 2. Phase 3 still requires to be negotiated and agreed.

Diocese of Down and Connor

Safeguarding Training and Development

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 scyppp  2012 Document title:
Safeguarding Children and Young People: Policy and Procedures For all Full Time Youth Centres in the Diocese of Down and Connor
(Link updated on 13 Feb 2013)
bmpp 2012 Document title:
Behaviour Management Policy and Procedures for all Full Time Youth Centres in the Diocese of Down and Connor
(Link updated on 13 Feb 2013)
rppfyc 2012 Document title:
Recording Policy and Procedures for all Full-time Youth Centres in the Diocese of Down and Connor
(Link updated on 13 Feb 2013)
safe 2011 Document title:
Safeguarding Children and Young People: Best Practice, Safe Practice
rec 2011 Document title:
Recording Information Workshop
manage 2011 Document title:
Managing Challenging Behaviour
brief 2011 Document title:
Briefing on the Diocese of Down and Connor Child Protection Policy and Procedures: Youth Centre Management Committees