Diocesan Youth Ministry

Living Youth

‘Living Youth’ is the umbrella body for youth ministry in the Diocese of Down and Connor. Its role is to co-ordinate existing youth ministry services, and to develop new initiatives which address the needs of young people in the Diocese. Living Youth’s main areas of work include parishes, youth centres, schools and the wider community setting. It aims to support parishes in their outreach to young people and to provide a forum through which young people and all those working in youth ministry can share resources, skills and best practice.

Director : Pauline Dowd

Workers : Kiera O’Neill

Office Manager : Claire Smylie

Chairperson : Fr Paddy White


Living Youth
Down & Connor Youth Commission
16 Chapel Lane

Tel : 028 9023 2432

Email: info@livingyouthni.org

Website : www.livingyouthni.org

Facebook : Living Youth

Twitter : @NILiving Youth

CAST is a dynamic and energetic ministry offering school retreat programmes and parish youth days that address relevant faith and social issues, and demonstrate the relevance of the Gospel for today’s youth.
CAST also serves parishes, youth groups, prayer groups, youth leaders and others through teaching and training seminars. God’s character, relationships, sexuality, identity, values and beliefs, prayer, youth culture, evangelism in post-modern society, developing gifts, leadership skills, and tools for ministry are some of the topics offered for seminars with CAST.
As part of their commitment to training and equipping leaders for the Church, CAST offers emulate, a yearlong foundational course, which aims to produce effective Christians who are prepared for ministry.
Niall McNally, CAST Ministries, Unit 67, CIDO Business Complex, Carn Drive, Portadown, Craigavon, BT63 5WH
Tel : 028 3839 2253
Mobile : 079 7325 3058.    Fax : 028 3839 3760.
Email : mailto:niall@castireland.com
Web: www.castireland.com
Headquarters: St Frances De Sales, Beechmount Drive, Belfast BT12 7LU
Tel/Fax : 028 9031 3639
Commissioner : Miss Brenda Davison
Deputy Commissioner : Mrs Justine Sweeney
Secretary : Miss Patricia McDermott
Treasurer : Mrs Roisin Lyttle
Email: admin.nr@catholicguides.org.uk
Management Committee
Commissioner : John Mulligan – Tel : 028 9084 4439
Secretary : Vera McElroy – Tel : 028 9260 4042
Email : vera23rdantrim@gmail.com
Treasurer : Liam Byrne – Tel : 077 0346 3598
Email : byrne @btinternet.com
This centre provides retreats and personal development programmes for Primary, Post-primary, Third level students and Parish groups on a day or evening basis.
For further information contact:
Margaret McClory, De La Salle Pastoral Centre, ‘Glanaulin’, 141 Glen Road, Belfast, BT11 8BP
Tel : 028 9050 1932
Email : info@delasalleretreat.org
Website: www.delasalleretreat.org
This is a programme in which young people come together to explore the meaning of their faith and develop friendship with others. It is for those over the age of 17. It begins with a residential weekend and for those who wish, continues with a number of meetings in which participants support one another, pray together and deepen their faith.  Involved in New Day and Gift programmes.   Also cross-community work with young adults and faith development groups.
For Information Contact:
Sr Ann, St Louis House, 91a Hillhead Crescent, Stewartstown Road, Belfast BT11 9FW
Tel : 028 9061 8889
Email: st.louishouse@gmail.com
YOUTH 2000
Youth 2000 is an international initiative of young people (16-35 years old) committed to living and spreading their Catholic faith.
Our prayer meetings include quiet prayer, music and teaching – tea and craic afterwards.
Meetings in Diocese
Adoration Convent, 63 Falls Road, Belfast BT12 4PD
Contact – Noel – Tel : 077 6607 7163
All Saints Adoration Chapel
All Saints Catholic Church, Ballymena (Thursday at 8.00pm)
Our Lady of the Assumption Church
Newcastle, Co Down (Wednesdays at 7.00pm)
Contact – Eileen – Tel : 077 9355 7703
http://www.youth2000.ieor www.facebook.com/#!/groups/Y2KUlster/
Tel : 00353 1 675 3690
The Youth Ministry Team at Clonard in Belfast – works in partnership with the Redemptorist community to create a centre of outreach and welcome, of faith and wisdom, where young people can find the freedom to discover the plentiful redemption of Jesus.
We create an environment that will attract and reach out to those who feel alienated from belief or from the church.
We offer retreats to post-primary schools and parish youth missions. Every so often it’s important to take time out and see how we are doing in life. School retreats and parish missions provide a unique opportunity for young people to do this. We also offer an outreach programme to teenagers.
For further information about our work or to book a School Retreat or Parish Youth missions
Contact: Brendan Dineen, Youth Ministry Coordinator, Clonard Monastery, 1 Clonard Gardens, Belfast, BT13 2RL
Tel : 028 9044 5960
Fax : 028 9044 5988
Email: youthministry@clonard.com
Website: www.clonard.com