Diocesan Pastoral Council

Mission Statement

“Inspired by the Word of God, the Diocesan Pastoral Council supports the Bishop in discerning the pastoral concerns of all the people of the Diocese and males recommendations – with a special concern for those who feel they do not belong.”

 In our Diocesan Pastoral Plan, which was launched at the Diocesan Congress in September 2012, one of our stated aims was to promote a culture of co-responsibility among laity, clergy and religious at every level of the life of the Diocese.  To take this aim forward, a Diocesan Pastoral Council has been established to work with the Bishop to identify the key pastoral issues facing the Diocese and to discern the appropriate responses.

How was the Pastoral Council formed?

The Listening Events which took place throughout our Diocese in 2011 helped to identify the key themes which have guided us since then.  We established Working Groups made up of clergy, religious and laity to help us formulate the Pastoral Plan.

Bishop Treanor has asked some members of these planning groups to form an inaugural council which also includes a fair geographic representation of the Diocese, as well as ensuring an appropriate age and gender balance


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Who are the Members of the Diocesan Pastoral Council?

President                            Bishop Noel Treanor 

Chair                                     Mr Stephen McAnee

Vice-Chair                           Mrs Anne McDermott


Mr Kieran Casey

Mr John Colgan

Mrs Sobhan Cox

Rev Gerard Fox

Mrs Susan Hargan

Mr Paul Kodiyan

Rev Conor McGrath

Mrs Paula McKeown

Mrs Claire McSorley

Sr Margaret Rose McSparran

Very Rev Eugene O’Hagan VG

Ms Elizabeth Ohlbock

Mr Tony Silcock

Rev Michael Spence



What is a Diocesan pastoral Council?

The pastoral Council is a group of committed people of God called upon to:

  • Review pastoral matters
  • Reflect on the thoroughly
  • Recommend practical conclusions to the Bishop

DPC Statutes