Inter-Faith Panel Discussion 2019

The CCJ Committee is pleased to announce that we are once again joining with the NI Inter-Faith Forum to host an inter-faith panel discussion.

This year the topic is “Culture, Community and Censorship”.¬†Each of our cultures has customs that are both traditional and faith based, these influence the wider communities we are part of, but.. what happens when government policy affects our cultural customs??? What do YOU think??? we love to hear your thoughts on these topics… so please join us on

Thurs 14th Nov. at 7:30pm. – Tea & Coffee will be served from 7pm…

Venue will be confirmed at registration

Mrs Shoshana Appleton will be chairing the discussion,

with panelists

Rev. David Kale (Jewish Community)

Sheikh Anwar Mady (Islamic Centre)

Mr. Terence McKenna (LDS)

Rev. Cheryl Meban (Pres.)

Hope to see you there….