Loving Sister Earth

National Holy Wells Day – 17 June 2018

The Loving Sister Earth (LSE) programme is well under way and the next events planned by the LSE Working Group in Ireland are:

  1. National Holy Wells Day, 17th June Рsee www.lovingsisterearth.com website for Prayer Cards;
  2. Participation in the World Meeting of Families at the RDS in August;
  3. Preparation of a Report on the Irish Church’s response to Laudato Si’, to be presented to Pope Francis when he arrives in Ireland.

Cardinal Newman spoke of our Holy Places as ‘the storehouse of the past and the birthplace of the future’, and successive Popes have urged the peoples of Europe to re-discover their roots in order to enrich their future. This linking of past to present is what the Irish Church’s LSE Working Group is trying to achieve, with your help.

You can find out more about the Loving Sister Earth programme at www.lovingsisterearth.com